DYN0032/DYN0021 Evaluation Kit:

The Dynamax® DYN0032/DYN0021 Evaluation Kit allows the user to view, capture and analyze full-resolution video from the Dynamax® DYN0032 (3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor) and DYN0021 (2.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor). The primary interface is Gigabit Ethernet for video capture and control. There is also a DVI output to drive a 1080p multi-sync monitor directly. The DVI monitor provides instant viewing of the sensor image at up to 60 frames-per-second. The control board provides color interpolation for the DVI monitor and color gain control for both DVI and Gigabit Ethernet streams. The Evaluation Kit GUI provides sensor control, video capture and analysis functions. All controls can be configured from a simple text file script. A full set of scripts for common features and modes of operation is included. Users can combine scripts or develop custom scripts for their applications. The source code for the GUI and control board FPGA is included in the development kit for reference.

LINE-SCAN Demonstration Kit:

The Line-Scan Demonstration Kit is a complete image sensor control and acquisition system configured as a USB board camera. It is configured as a two board system, a motherboard and a sensor specific daughter board. Daughter boards are interchangeable. The system can capture up to 100 lines of data and then send the data to the user’s PC via the USB interface. The provided graphical user interface can display video waveforms on the PC monitor much like an oscilloscope or the kit can capture and display 2D bitmap gray scale images up to 100 lines high. Images can be stored, retrieved, and displayed and are saved in standard .bmp image format which can be further analyzed by the user. Oscilloscope traces can also be saved, the data points are saved to a .txt file which can be imported into most application programs for further analysis.