DLIS2K: Ultra Configurable Digital Output – 2048 pixel

Pixel Array Configuration and Orientation

40-Pin LCC Package

Key Features

  • Four Rows: 1 row of tall pixels (4×32 micron)and 3 rows of square pixels (4×4 micron)
  • Integrated 11 bit Distributed A/D with parallel 10 bit digital output
  • Output speeds to 120 MHz, 18000 fps @ 10bit, 41000 fps @ 8bit Single Row
  • Dynamic ThresholdingTM with binary output; Integrated CDS
  • Multiple Readout modes
    • Ambient Light Subtraction
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    • Oversampling
    • Non-Destructive Read mode
    • Binning of different rows
    • Readout one to four rows
  • Single Power Supply 3.3 Volts
  • Semi-custom options
  • Pb-free package

The DLIS-2K Sensor consists of 4 rows of pixels, each with 2048 optical pixels and 16 dark pixels. Three rows are made up of 4 micron x 4 micron square pixels and the other is a row of 4 micron wide X 32 micron tall pixels. There is a 4 micron space between rows. One to four rows may be selected for readout. Each row has independent control of reset and integration.