LIS500: High performance and Simple operation – 500 pixel

Key Features

  • Single power supply operation, 2.8 Volt to 3.3 Volt
  • Low cost compared to CCD multi-chip systems
  • Simple operation: one clock and up to three control signals
  • On chip Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) cancellation
  • Clamping optically black pixels to reference to reduce chip wide offset errors, charge injection and dark current
  • Externally programmable x1, x3 gain amplifier
  • Control signal for reset of shift register, pixels, integration period and start of readout
  • Pixel Size 7.8umx 62.5um
  • Imaging active area: 62.5um x3900um
  • Power down Mode

16-pin LCC Package

The LIS-500 image sensor is a high performance, ultra-low power, low cost near IR sensor, designed to meet the demanding needs for small cost effective decoding, optical touch screen, position detection and feedback, OCR, and other applications.All that is needed to achieve video is a single low voltage power supply, a clock, and up to three control signals.

The LIS-500 sensor consists of a row of 514 pixel including 500 for optical pixels, 13 for reference dark pixels, and 1 dummy pixel. The Pixel size is 7.8×62.5um.The whole imaging Active area is 62.5um x 3900um.