RPLIS2K-EX: Reduced Power Line Scan Sensor– 2048 pixel

Key Features

  • Linear sensor with 2048 pixels, including 12 optical black pixels
  • 4 µm X 32 µm pixels on a 4 µm pixel pitch
  • 32 µm X 8192 um imaging area
  • Fill factor >99%
  • On-chip Auto Dynamic Thresholding with digital output – eliminates external ADC
  • Full frame electronic shutter
  • On-chip correlated double sampling
  • Black pixel clamping removes global pixel offsets
  • Dynamic Power Control minimizes power consumption for each operating mode
  • 12/24 uV/electron programmable conversion gain
  • 1.7V full scale range
  • 65 dB dynamic range
  • Single 3.0 V supply voltage
  • Only a clock and a start pulse needed for operation
  • Programmable setup register for device mode selection

16-pin LCC Package

The RPLIS-2K-EX image sensor is an ideal sensor for a broad range of applications requiring wide dynamic range and a large aspect ratio pixel, such as bar code reading, position measurement, laser triangulation, etc. The design incorporates many on-chip features that lower the overall system cost compared to multi-chip systems using CCD’s.

The RPLIS-2K-EX sensor includes full-frame snapshot shutter operation, with adjustable exposure time and programmable gain to handle varying light conditions. The video port has line driving capability further reducing system costs. The output is user selectable as analog video output, or Dynamax® Imaging’s exclusive on-chip Auto Dynamic Thresholding with digital 1 bit comparator output. This circuit pre-processes the video signal by dynamically adjusting the threshold to compensate for lighting and optical variations.