SLIS2048: High speed Analog Output Line Scan Sensor – 2048 pixel

Key Features

  • 7 µm X 7 µm pixel on 7 µm pixel pitch
  • Fill factor >99%
  • Single-port High Speed Video
  • 27K lines/s at 60MHz
  • 2.4-volt full scale range
  • 63 dB dynamic range
  • Non-Destructive Readout mode
  • Adaptive Exposure mode
  • 5.0-volt supply voltage
  • Interfaces to 3.3V or 5V logic
  • Integrated timing controller
  • Single 2X master clock

24-pin CLCC Package

The SLIS-2048 linear image sensor features an array of low dark current photo-diode pixels with performance comparable to that of most CCD’s. The device includes full frame electronic shuttering, allowing simultaneous readout and integration for the highest possible frame rate at a given clock frequency.

Operation is simplified by on-chip logic, which requires only a clock running at two times the desired pixel read rate, and a pulse to initiate read-out. Very high throughput is possible as the imager features a high speed analog video bus to handle all 2K pixels, operating at 60 MHz pixel rate. When operating at maximum line rate, this corresponds to an instantaneous data rate of 60M-Pixel / sec and an average data rate of 56M-Pixel / sec.

The SLIS-2048 is supplied in a ceramic leadless chip carrier package (LCC).